Integrated with Nature

We specialise in creating eco-friendly, low impact spaces.

Integrated with nature.

We design, manufacture and install.

From our workshop in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire we cover the whole of the UK and beyond. Catering for the leisure, education, residential, and commercial markets, we offer a breath of fresh air into the construction industry.

We build durable and versatile Hobbit Houses which are perfect for everything from garden entertainment spaces, to yoga rooms, home offices, glamping pods and just about anything you can imagine!

Our dedicated team can help take you from your initial ideas and designs to a fully installed and bespoke Hobbit House, made from eco-friendly materials, covered by our 125-year guarantee.

We offer free installation including a real grass roof as standard!

Tour our flagship HAMPSHIRE Hobbit House featuring two double bedrooms, a children’s room and full-size kitchen and bathroom in the video below!

Free installation

We can manufacture most of the elements of your new Hobbit House in our workshop, and then simply deliver and install.


We use High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) structures, a lightweight, yet extremely durable material which requires no concrete foundations.

Free design consultation

Our team can design your dream Hobbit House using the latest 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Durable & diverse

Our products require no assembly, no concrete base, and no planning permission (more information below).

125-year guarantee

We design, manufacture and install environmentally friendly Hobbit Houses that are built to last 125 years, guaranteed.

Energy efficient

The main structure of our Hobbit Houses works like the insulation in your home, the addition of soil and grass acts as one of the best forms of natural insulation.

No maintenance

We offer a 125 year guarantee on the main structure and our ethos for quality construction and only using the best materials means your Hobbit House will last a lifetime with little or no maintenance.

Low running costs

We can retrofit solar panels or other forms of renewable energy to your Hobbit House, meaning your Hobbit House can be off-grid if required.

What can a Hobbit House be used for?

Our Hobbit Houses have an extremely wide range of uses, from camping / glamping pods, permanent dwellings, garden offices, classrooms, hot tub rooms, playhouses, man (or woman) caves, private home cinemas or gyms and much, much more!  Our Hobbit Houses are incredibly sturdy, strong enough to be built into a hillside, or even underground.

Our modular system means there’s almost no limit to the shape or size of your Hobbit House.  Choose from T, Y or X-shaped layouts to create your own unique structure suiting your own individual requirements.

Have something else in mind?  No problem – you’re welcome to get in touch and discuss your ideas, because at Hobbit House Ltd., we love nothing more than new concepts and challenges!

Can my Hobbit House be a permanent dwelling?

Absolutely!  If you have a plot of land available, why not design and build your own cosy two or three bed Hobbit House to your own design, complete with kitchen and bathroom facilities for a fraction of the price of a traditional build?

Are your Hobbit Houses really guaranteed for 125 years?

Unlike wooden structures that may last 15-20 years with regular maintenance including roof replacement and timber treatment, our unique high density polyethylene structure is guaranteed to last 125 years, although the doors and interior will likely need replacing along the journey and are unfortunately not covered by the guarantee.

Do I need planning permission for my Hobbit House?

In short, probably not.  Hobbit Houses can be installed under ‘permitted development’ rules, based on the size and shape of your Hobbit House.  Planning permission is not required under these rules.  If you are planning a larger project or business venture, planning permission may be required.  We will be pleased to advise you and can help with obtaining your planning permission too!

A hobbit house can be categorised as a caravan :

Section 29 (1) of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act, 1960 defined a caravan as:

“… Any structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of being moved from one place to another (whether being towed, or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer)

Caravan Act – You do not need planning permission to park a caravan in your driveway or garden as long as it is being used as an annex of your home. … If the caravan becomes the main part or your only dwelling, you need to obtain planning permission from your local authority.

Speak to our team for more information.

Disclaimer: Whilst Hobbit house Ltd. is pleased to offer advice, it remains the customer’s responsibility to ensure the relevant planning permissions are obtained. 

How much will my Hobbit House cost?

Please feel free to request a brochure by filling in the ‘contact us’ section at:

Our brochure showcases four fabulous models sleeping two to six people in stunning Hobbit luxury!  Every Hobbit House leaves our workshops fitted with all electrical fixtures, underfloor heating and fitted kitchens and bathrooms (where applicable) and are beautifully finished to exceptional standards.

Don’t see anything you like?  No problem – we’d love to help you design your own amazing project!

Discounts are available for multiple purchases (please contact us for more information).

Can my Hobbit House be connected to mains electricity?

Yes!  We can arrange for your new Hobbit House to be connected to mains electricity (and water too if required – see our brochure for our range of fabulous wet rooms).  If your design includes the need for wastewater disposal and heating that too can be arranged.  Just mention it to our team when you contact us.

What are Hobbit Houses made from & what about the environment?

Our Hobbit Houses are unlike anything else on the market.  At Hobbit House Ltd., we’re proud to take the term ‘eco-friendly’ to the next level!  We use high density polyethylene (HDPE) to form our structures which in turn provides the basis for our amazing 125-year guarantee.  HDPE is much lighter than traditional concrete building materials, so saves on carbon transport ‘costs’ and is produced in a factory committed to reducing carbon emissions wherever possible.

Most other structures require concrete foundations which, along with being both expensive and time-consuming, also have a negative impact on the environment.  Our Hobbit Houses are installed without the need for foundations!

Our Hobbit Houses have real grass roofs as standard which have a huge range of additional environmental benefits too (see later section for details)!

Can I have a real grass roof on my Hobbit House?

Unlike anything else on the market, our Hobbit Houses come with real grass roofs as standard.  Why reduce the size of your garden when you can increase it?  Studies have shown that having more green space improves air quality & mental wellbeing, helping to reduce anxiety levels and the incidence of depression!

Don’t want real grass?  No problem!  We’re happy to consider other options including sedum, wildflower or even artificial grass.

As well as looking totally awesome, a real grass roof is an excellent natural insulator, keeping you warm through those long winters, it also improves storm water management & air quality, creates a natural habitat for flora and fauna and is proven to improve human health and wellbeing too!

Can you provide Hobbit Houses for educational or commercial purposes?

We’re delighted to have launched our Hobbit House schools brochure in September, 2020.

Hobbit House Ltd. offers innovative, imaginative solutions designed to enthuse and stimulate young minds in our amazing structures constructed to full UK building regulations.

Your Hobbit House school building is individually designed and built to your exact requirements and our one-stop service includes everything from design and planning permission through to provision of water, sewage & electricity, groundworks and installation. In short, we do the hard work so you don’t have to!  Your Hobbit House even comes ready to lower into place, minimising disruption on site.

Can I choose between different sizes for my Hobbit House?

We’re pleased to offer four standard structures in different sizes to suit your needs, our smaller units can be placed in your garden without the need for planning permission.  Our brochure features all the models and details our pricing structure too.

We also have a smaller size for children’s playhouses.

Want something more interesting?  Why not let your imagination run wild and speak to a member of our helpful team today?